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South Park: Reel Chaos

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South Park: Reel Chaos is the successor of Net Entertainment's original South Park slot machine. Just like the original game, this one is also based on Comedy Central's tv-show South Park. There are several interesting features in this production. I can mention: Cartman's stacked wilds, a feature where several stacked wilds are added to the reels. Kenny's multiplier wheel, a wheel that will multiply you wins. Mintberry Crunch free spins, a free spin feature where you fight bosses. This is an action packed slot machine with a lot of things going on during the base game. If you liked the first South Park slot, you will most likely like this one as well. The maximal potential win is started to be 3.250x the stake per spin. This is a little bit less than the first version of South Park, but it's still a very nice maximal win. The payout percentage for South Park: Reel Chaos is at the normal Net Entertainment level at 96.80%.

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South Park: Reel Chaos Net Entertainment 96.80% 2014-10-23 20




This slot machine is available on these casino platforms:
Computer, Mac, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


Read more about the game features below the screenshot!

Game screenshot

Game features


South Park: Reel Chaos has wild symbols on all the reels. These symbols substitute for all other symbols except the bonus symbols. There are several features that can add additional wild symbols to the reels, so look out for more wilds. There are 4 different mini features on this slot machine. Cartman's stacked wilds, Kenny's multiplier, Stan's multiplying re-spin, and Kyle's overlaying wilds. All of these features can be randomly triggered during the base game only. There is also a free spin feature named Mintberry Crunch epic bonus spins. This is a feature where you fight bosses and advance through up to 4 levels to increase a win multiplier.

Cartman's mini feature: At the start of any spin during the base game, the Cartman's stacked wilds feature might be triggered. This is a feature where Cartman appears below the reels while General Disarray sits on top of the reels. Cartman will try to catch him by climbing up the reel he sits on, this will turn that reel into a full stack of wilds. Cartman can either catch the General, or he can fall down. If he falls down, he gets another try to climb another reel. Cartman will catch the general after 2 or 3 tries, leaving 2 or 3 fully stacked wild symbols on the reels. The rest of the reels will then stop as normal to hopefully create a winning combination.


Kenny's mini feature: If a winning combination is shown on reel 1, 2 and 3, the reels might continue to spin on the two last reels. This will trigger Kenny's multiplier feature. A wheel with multipliers will appear on the screen, this reel has 6 spots where 3 of them are x3 multipliers, 2 of them are x4 multipliers, and the last spot is a x5 multiplier. The wheel will spin once and stop on one of the multipliers. This is the multiplier that you will use to increase the win from the initial spin. The two last reels will now stop and an even better winning combination can be made.


Stan's mini feature: After any non-winning spin, the Stan's multiplying re-spin feature might be activated. This is a feature where you get to re-spin the reels until you win. A multiplier ladder from x2 to x10 is shown on top of the slot machine, and for each non-winning spin you get, the multiplier increased by +x1. The feature will end as soon as a winning combination appear on the reels. This win will then be multiplied by the current win multiplier.

Kyle's mini feature: At the start of any spin during the base game, the Kyle's overlaying wilds feature might be triggered. If it does, Kyle will appear on the screen to kill the rats General Disarray have planted on the reels. For each rat that is killed, a wild symbol will appear on the reel where the rat was. This feature will reward you with 3, 4 or 5 wild symbols depending on the number of rats killed.


Free spins: This is the main feature on South Park: Reel Chaos, and it's triggered by getting a bonus symbol on reel 1, 3 and 5. The feature is named Mintberry Crunch epic bonus spins, and during it you get to fight bosses to increase your win multipliers. The game starts at level one, and you can see your health, your win multiplier and the opponent’s health at the top of the screen. You start with 6 HP's and a x1 win multiplier, while the opponent named Evil Minions starts with 2 HP's. The reels will start to spin, and for each win you get, you take one HP from the opponent. However, if you get a non-winning spin, you lose one HP. The spins will continue until either you or the Evil Minions are out of HP. If you kill the Evil Minions, you proceed to level two. One additional HP will be rewarded for each level defeated as long as you don't have a full bar of HP already.

At level two your win multiplier is increased to x2, while the opponent this time is General Disarray. He starts with 4 HP's, while you start with whatever you have left after the first round. Level two works the same way, and it continues until one of the fighters are out of HP. If you win the battle, the third level will start with a x3 multiplier and a fight with Professor Chaos. He will start with 5 HP's and you start with whatever you have left from the previous round. If you defeat Professor Chaos the 4th and last level is triggered. Here the multiplier is increased to x4 while the opponent is Anime Professor Chaos and he starts with 6 HP's. If you defeat this opponent a bonus prize of 10x the total stake per HP left will be awarded and the free spin feature ends.

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South Park: Reel Chaos is created by Net Entertainment.
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18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!

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