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Cosmic Fortune

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Cosmic Fortune is a progressive jackpot slot machine from Net Entertainment. This is a space themed slot machine with 3 different progressive jackpots and 2 static jackpots. These jackpots are local, that means that the jackpot amounts are different between the different casinos. The biggest jackpot of them all is the Mega jackpot, this one is often in the range between €25.000 and €200.000. So we are talking serious cash on Cosmic Fortune, and the best thing is that all of the jackpots can be won at the minimum bet size of €0.30 per spin. In addition to the exciting jackpots, this slot machine also has a combined free spin feature and bonus game, and it's during the bonus game you can win the jackpots. This slot is all about the jackpots, and the base game pays are rather low. The payout percentage for this game is 96.90%, but be aware that 6.3% of each normal bet counts towards the jackpot amounts.

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Cosmic Fortune Net Entertainment 96.90% 2014-11-25 15




This slot machine is available on these casino platforms:
Computer and Mac. This game cannot be played on mobile devices.

18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


Read more about the game features below the screenshot!

Game screenshot

Game features


First off all I would like to explain how the special Avalanche feature works on Cosmic Fortune. This slot is not like normal slots where pays are paid and the next spin is due. For each time you win on this slot, the winning symbols will disappear from the reels and new symbols will drop down from the top of the screen. As long as you continue to win, new symbols will fall down. When no more wins are won, you're ready for a new spin.

Cosmic Fortune has wild symbols on reel 2, 3, 4 and 5 and these symbols substitute for all other symbols except the yellow lightning ball. Those yellow lightning balls are the symbols that trigger the combined free spin and bonus game, 3 or more of them gives you a chance to potentially win one of the 5 different jackpots ranging from €100 to +€25.000.

Jackpots: There are 5 different jackpots on Cosmic Fortune, and all of them are shown on top of the slot machine. Rapid is the smallest jackpot, and it awards you €100. Mini is the second smallest jackpot and it awards you €500 if you win it. The two first jackpots are static, which means that they don't grow, the 3 next jackpots are progressive and will grow until they are won. This also means that the value of them will be lowered if they are won by any player. The Midi jackpot is usually in the range between €500 and €5.000, while the Major jackpot is usually somewhere between €1.500 and €15.000. The biggest jackpot of them all is the Mega jackpot, this one is often worth around €25.000 to €200.000. The different jackpots can only be won during the 2nd stage of the bonus game that can be won on this slot, but you first have to trigger the free spins. I'll try to explain it step by step in the below sections.

Free spins: The free spins are won if 3 or more yellow lightning balls are shown anywhere on the reels. 3 balls will award you with 10 free spins, while each additional ball will add another 5 spins to the count. The special thing about the free spins on Cosmic Fortune is that each winning combination will count towards the amount of balls you get to play with in the bonus game. During the free spins there's a ball count in the down right corner, each winning combination will add one ball per winning symbol to this count. As long as you get a winning combination during the free spins, the bonus game will be awarded with the given amount of balls that has been collected during the spins.

Bonus game: The bonus game is triggered from the free spins, and will be won as long as you have a winning combination during the spins. When the bonus is launched you will see a spaceship on the top of the screen, and different cash prize cups spread around the screen, there's also a bonus cup that if you get 3 balls landing in it will send you to the 2nd stage bonus where the jackpots can be won. The bonus game is a ball dropping game where cash prizes and the 2nd stage jackpot game can be won. The amount of balls you get to drop from the spaceship is based on the amount of wins and balls you collected during the free spins. If 3 balls are dropped in the bonus cup during the bonus the 2nd stage bonus is awarded, if you don't manage to do this during the bonus, all cash prizes are added together and you will return to the base game.

2nd stage jackpot bonus: If 3 balls were collected in the bonus cup during the bonus game, the 2nd stage jackpot bonus is awarded. During this bonus you start with 50 balls that will be dropped from the spaceship. In addition to cash prizes like it was in the first bonus, there's also 5 different jackpot cups appearing on the screen during this bonus. If you manage to get 3 balls in any of the jackpot cups, that jackpot will be awarded. It's only possible to win one jackpot per round, so if a jackpot is won, the other jackpot cups will be closed. The bonus game is over when all the 50 balls have been sent down from the spaceship.

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Cosmic Fortune is created by Net Entertainment.
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18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!

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