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Gemix is Play'n GO's absolute most popular slot machine. It's almost impossible to understand how popular this slot machine is, but rumors say that it stands for about 10-20% of Play'n GO's total amount of game rounds and revenue! And with a huge amount of slots that's nothing less than super impressive. I guess we can say that this slot machine is created with the super popular mobile game Candy Crush Saga in mind, it gives a lot of associations to it! There's no doubt about this being a great game, it features a lot of small features like crystal charge, world patterns and different kind of wild symbol combinations. There are no free spins or bonus games on Gemix, but all the small features might weight up for this for many players. The maximal win in a normal game round is 1.000x the stake per spin, while it's possible to win up to 3.000x for a combination of 15 or more stars if it happens in super charge mode!

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Gemix Play'n GO 96.75% 2014-12-09 Connected




This slot machine is available on these casino platforms:
Computer, Mac, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


Read more about the game features below the screenshot!

Game screenshot

Game features

To understand a bit more about Gemix I'll start off by explaining how you can win and how this slot machine's different worlds work. There are no spinning reels or paylines on Gemix, but you win by getting 5 or more connected symbols on the game board. New symbols drop down from the top each time a winning combination removes a symbol. In the top left corner, you can see your current world. It's no limit to how many worlds you can achieve, but there are only 3 different type of worlds. Each of them are represented by the 3 in game figures, the miner, the girl and the wizard. Each world/figure will have a different type of wild feature and a world bonus that will be won when the world is cleared by clearing some in game patterns.

World wilds: Gemix don't have wild symbols on the normal spins, but it's possible to trigger different random wild features after a spin where no wins have been awarded. This is done by the World Wilds feature. Depending on the would you are currently playing in, it's possible to get different wild features. The Miner can award you with up to 10 wild symbols spread anywhere on the game board. The Girl can trigger a feature where wild symbols are placed on the board from one edge to another creating a line of wilds. The Wizard let up to 8 sticky wild symbols appear in different positions, these symbols will stay on the screen as long as you win on the current game round.

World patterns: Each of the 3 characters in the game represent their own world with different wild features. Each world consists of 3 different patterns that must be cleared to advance to the next world and a world bonus that will increase for each base game that is played. These patterns are shown behind the normal game board and are cleared by getting a winning combination on top of them. The pattern can also be seen on the right hand side of the game where 3 stars are shown.

For each pattern that is cleared one of the stars will lit and when 3 stars are lit the World Bonus is rewarded and you move on to a new world with a new character and with new wild features. There are only 3 different kind of worlds, but the world number on top will just keep on increasing. You will switch between each of the 3 worlds each time you clear the 3 stars and level up.

Crystal charges: On the right hand side of the game a big pink circle is shown, and to fill it up you need to win and remove a total of 20 or more symbols in the base game. Each time this is done one of the following features are won: Nova Blast!, Crystal Warp!, Light Beam! or Chain Lightning! These are all features that will give you a boost to create winning combinations. Nova Blast! will make one symbol explode and make all the surrounding symbols transform in to the same symbol for a possible winning combination.

Crystal Warp!
one of the symbols will be targeted and all similar symbols will be changed to other symbols. Light Beam! one of the symbols will shoot out a light beam and all symbols that are hit will turn into another symbol. Each of the directions can turn into different symbols. Chain Lightning! two of the corner symbols are connected with a chain lightning that will transfer all the affected symbols into one specific symbol.

Super Charge: If you have managed to activate one of the crystal charges, your half way towards activating the Super Charge features. This feature is activated if you get 40 or more winning symbols removed from the game board within the same streak. The reward for doing this is a x3 multiplier that will apply to all winnings that have been and will be generated for that current game round. This is where you can triple the max win of 1.000x per round up to 3.000x!

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Gemix is created by Play'n GO.
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18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!

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