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Casino Challenge

There's no challenge going on at the moment!

Some months Casumo Casino runs a Casino Challenge in their casino. There is always 3 different difficulty levels to choose from in the challenge: Easy - Medium - Hardcore. Each of the challenges contains a set of missions that players have to finish to advance in the challenge.

There are 3 different challenges: Easy - Medium - Hardcore. All the missions inside each challenge are the same for each difficulty level. But the bet levels varies a lot between the three different challenges.

There are 5 types of missions: Spin x amount of spins, Win x amount of wins, Win x amount of big wins, Win x amount of mega wins and Win x times in a row. The goal is simply to finish each mission with the least amount of spins. You can see the toplist and your current amount of spins used in the left side menu.

Bet levels
There are different bet levels for each of the challenges. Easy has a bet level of 0.50, Medium 1.00 and Hardcore 3.00. You can play higher if you want to, but if you play with lower stakes the results will not count towards the challenge score.

After completing some of the missions players are rewarded with free spins. After mission number 3 and 7 players are rewarded x amount of free spins. The harder mission you chose, the better are the rewards.

Final score
The position you get after completing a challenge is just temporary. Other players can beat your score as long as the challenge is active. The winning scores will be those who are at the top when the challenge ends. You can play the challenge as many times as you want, so it is possible to improve your own score. Only your best score will be listed at the challenge.

The main prize in the hardcore challenge is switching between exclusive trips to the other side of the world worth 10.000 and a actual cash prize of 10.000. All the other prizes 1-30 in the easy and medium challenge and 2-30 in the hardcore challenge are cash prizes. None of the prizes have any wager!


A challenge normally last for about 18-21 days and then they have a 10-12 day ish break before they launch a new challenge with a different theme.

How to participate
To participate in the Casino Challenge, just register an account at Casumo Casino and opt in for the challenge you want to play. Remember that you can only play one of the challenges, so be sure to pick the one that fits your betting pattern in the best way.

Combined campaigns
Casumo Casino often runs other campaigns parallel with the Casino Challenge. Both deposits bonuses and Cash Drops are often run at the same time. So there is a lot of value to play in the challenge compared to if you don't opt in, and remember that it's free to participate.

Challenge tip
If you want to make a great score in the challenge you should stick to slots with hight hit frequency, then you win more often and have a better chance at clearing the missions with fewer spins. Have a look at my Hit Frequency page for more information about this subject.

Don't play for more than you can afford!
You should never opt in to a challenge with higher bet levels than you are comfortable to play! You should not play to win the first prize, but participate because it's a lot of added value to your normal play. A challenge should not cost you more than you expected to play for, but it should be used as extra value.  

Casino Challenge: Prizes

Easy Medium Hardcore
1st - 800 1st - 1,500 1st - 10,000 / Trip
2nd - 500 2nd - 800 2nd - 2,000
3rd - 200 3rd - 400 3rd - 1,000
4-5th - 100 4-5th - 200 4-5th - 750
6-30th - 25 6-30th - 50 6-30th - 100

Casino Challenge: 15th February - 14th March 2016

Easy - (0.50) Medium - (1.00) Hardcore - (3.00)
Spin 150 spins Spin 150 spins Spin 150 spins
Win 100 wins Win 100 wins Win 100 wins
Win 3 times in a row Win 3 times in a row Win 3 times in a row

Reward: 15 free spins

Reward: 20 free spins

Reward: 10 super spins

Win 2 big wins Win 2 big wins Win 2 big wins
Win 3 mega wins Win 3 mega wins Win 3 mega wins
Win 5 times in a row Win 5 times in a row Win 5 times in a row
Win 400 wins Win 400 wins Win 400 wins

Reward: 100 free spins

Reward: 5 super spins

Reward: 15 super spins

Challenge complete! Challenge complete! Challenge complete!

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