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CT_Butler is the channel's BOT and here I've listed all the commands that can be used to communicate with him.



User level

!balls !! BALLS !! Everyone
!betsize Gambling for several hours per day is expensive, have a look at my example to see how it works and why I bet in this range: Everyone
!bonus !! BONUS HYPE !! Everyone
!casumo I play at Casumo, get sign up bonuses and check out my complete review of Casumo at: Everyone
!casumowager If you would like to learn exactly how Casumo's bonus wager works, and why it's so great, check out: for a detailed explanation. Everyone
!challenge To learn more about the challenge: Everyone
!coins It does NOT matter if you increase the Coin Value or the Bet Level on a slot. If you increase the Coin Value, the credits shown on screen will be worth more per credit. If you adjust the Bet Level, the amount of credits shown on screen will be higher, but worth less. Everyone
!cold Can a slot machine be Cold? A slot machine can feel super cold, but it will never be it when it comes to programming. You just have a lot of bad luck. For more information please watch: Everyone
!commands Here's my commands: Everyone
!credits The credit/point system will grant you 2 points for every 15 minutes you are in the channel while the stream is live, in addition you will get 1 extra point if you have been active in the chat in the same period. To check your amount of Points type !points in the chat. We will use points for all future giveaways, so be sure to collect them ;) Everyone
!dbb Here's the full version of the follower and donation songs (made by: DBBmuziek): - Everyone
!deal Here's the details about my deal with Casumo: Everyone
!due Is a slot machine ever due to hit? NO, a slot does not remember anything from the past! Even if a jackpot is record high, it's still the same chance of hitting it as it will be just after it has been hit! For more information please watch: Everyone
!facebook My Facebook page: Everyone
!hitfrequency Hit frequency describes how often you win on a slot machine. If a slot has a hit frequency of 75% you will win 3 out of 4 spins on average. If a slot have a hit frequency of 20% you will win 1 out of 5 spins on average. Everyone
!intervals Are slots paying in intervals? NO, it might feel like it, but it's just a coincidence. For more information please watch: Everyone
!jackpot Yes, you can win the jackpot even if you bet the minimum stake. If the minimum stake is €0.20, you will get 1 ticket in the drawings per €0.20 you bet. So if you bet €1.00 per spin the chance of hitting the jackpot is 5 timer higher than betting €0.20 per spin. Everyone
!last Gives you the status from last session! Everyone
!links To get a better understanding of how slot works, I recommend a few good YouTube videos explaining it in a simple way for most people to understand. Here are a few great links to learn how slots actually works: Everyone
!list Shows the games we are going to play and have played during the session. Everyone
!man !! MR. MAN !! Everyone
!mm How to get Monopoly Money: - You can get Monopoly Money by triggering the bonus + a wild on reel number 5. - You can get it from a normal base pay + a wild on reel number 5. - You can find a "Money Bonus" symbol behind the free parking symbols, it has to be at least 3 bonus symbols on a pay line to trigger it. Everyone
!others So are some other streamers playing with house money paid by the casinos? - Think yourself, do they play high stakes, do they play every night a week and do they heavily promote a casino with banners on the stream? Well, then you should be able to do the calculations yourself. If a player plays 5h a day, 5 days a week, with €5 a spin. He's expected to lose €9.625 every month if the RTP is 96.50% which is about the average RTP overall for slots. Moderators
!pickbonus Pick bonuses that actually show you the outcome of other choices than the ones you have picked, are NOT pre-determined. (if it doesn’t show, its usually predetermined) This is a requirement from US regulators, and applies to all of the big US companies such as WMS, BALLY, IGT, KONAMI etc. - So please have this in mind before you claim that a pick bonus is rigged or pre-determined! – If the other options are revealed after you pick, it’s NOT pre-determined! Everyone
!points Shows your current points and hours in the channel. Everyone
!reelrace Here you can read about Casumo's Reel Races: Everyone
!rng RNG = Random Number Generator - Please watch this video to learn more about Slots and RNG: Everyone
!rtp To learn about RTP and to see a list of all the game RTP's click here: Everyone
!skill There are NO skill at all involved when playing slots. All outcomes are 100% random, and you would only need pure luck to win! For more information please watch: Everyone
!slots Take a look at this video to learn more about how slots work: Everyone
!smm Super Monopoly Money won in a game is worth 6 times normal money. First you get the amount 1x to your regular balance, then you get them added to the Super Monopoly Money wheel. You can choose to cash them out instead of spinning the wheel, if you do that they will cash out with a 5x multiplier. Everyone
!stor !! STORGEVINST !! Everyone
!super !! SUPERSTOR GEVINST !! Everyone
!uptime The current uptime is shown in the stream, take a look over the webcam! Everyone
!volatility Low volatile slots normally have low max pays that are won pretty frequently, while High volatile slots often have massive max pays but very rarely pay them out. Everyone
!wager Status of the current wagering requirement. Everyone
!wagering Wager is a set amount you would have to play through on a bonus or deposit+bonus. If there's a 25x wager on a deposit+bonus, it means that you have to play through the total amount you got when you deposited 25 times before you can cash out the bonus part of that balance. Everyone
!wagerexample If you play a slot with a house edge of 4% a wager of €10.000 will on average cost you 4% of €10.000 which is: €400. - So if you get a bonus worth €500 and the wager on that bonus is €10.000 (20x) it's a good deal!! On average you will have €100 left after the wager if fulfilled! - The lower bets you play, they easier you come close to that average payout in the long run! Also remember that some slots payout up to 99%, so bonuses and wagers might be a great opportunity for you! Everyone
!website Check out my full review of Casumo Casino: Everyone
!wms WMS games can no longer be played from Norway (and many other countries) as they have withdrawn from a lot of markets recently. This is done in countries where gambling is operated as a grey market business (Gambling is not legalized) Everyone
!youtube My YouTube channel: Everyone

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