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About me and what I do

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Hello and welcome to my gambling focused webpage. I'm CasinoTwitcher, a 33 year old Norwegian boy that live and breathe gambling ;) I stream casino games at, that means that I share my own computer screen with people that can watch and chat with me while I play casino games. Unlike some other streamers, I try to focus on being realistic and I would like to spread as much knowledge as possible.

I've been in the casino industry for a bit more than 13 years, as I started a Norwegian casino affiliate webpage back in 2003. Since that I've been working at Betsafe for a period, but I have mainly been working as an casino affiliate. This background combined with my own gambling have teached me a lot about the industry and how stuff works.

A little taste of one of my streams where I got a visit from good old Captain Morgan himself.


Since I was a little boy we've had slots/fruit machines almost everywhere in Norway, so I started my gambling career even before I attended 1st grade in school. I've always been fascinated about gambling in general, and I will try to share some of my knowledge on this page. Take a look at the top menu to read up on different gambling related things like Slot Machines and the monthly Casino Challenge at Casumo Casino.

New slot machines

Since I'm so passionate about slot machines I've started the process of making a review for each of the slot machines that can be found on Casumo. I've also made a payout percentage page where you can sort slots by payout, release date, number of lines and features. Below this text there's a little preview of the 3 newest slot games that have been released. Click on a slot to read all about how it works and what kind of features it has. You will also be able to see if the game can be played on a mobile device, pmedia or computers only.
Dragon Shrine

Launched: October 18th 2016
Frog Grog

Launched: October 12th 2016
Provider: Thunderkick

Launched: September 22nd 2016
Provider: Net Entertainment

My largest slot wins

2011 - Largest cash amount won
Bet: €6.00
Win: €9,345.00 - 1,557 x bet
Slot: Alien Robots

Link to wild win - Link to total win
2008 - Largest bet/win ratio won
Bet: €1.00
Win: €5,938.00 - 5,938 x bet
Slot: Fishy Fortune

Link to jackpot win

Bet size/cost

Gambling is super entertaining and fun, but can be very expensive in the long run. I want to point out a few examples so that it's easy to understand how it works when we talk about long run gambling.

An average slot session where you play constant for 60 minutes contains of about 500 spins (on average, depending on the slot). So I'll use 500 spins in my example for the cost.

The house edge on slots is averaging at about 4%, that's why I will use (0.04) in my example.

Let me show a couple of examples where we play for 3h per day, every day of the month at different bet sizes. In my examples I'll show the theoreticall outcome of these bet sizes: €0.50 - €2.50 - €5.00 - €10.00
3h per day, 30 days per month at €0.50 per spin:
3 x 30 x 500 x 0.50 x 0.04 = -€900 per month
3h per day, 30 days per month at €2.50 per spin:
3 x 30 x 500 x 2.50 x 0.04 = -€4.500 per month
3h per day, 30 days per month at €5.00 per spin:
3 x 30 x 500 x 5.00 x 0.04 = -€9.000 per month
3h per day, 30 days per month at €10.00 per spin:
3 x 30 x 500 x 10.00 x 0.04 = -€18.000 per month

As my examples show, you can see that gambling in the long run comes with a hefty price unless you get really lucky. So please have in mind that gambling should be done for entertainment, and not for the urge to earn money, as you most likely will lose at the end of the day.

Gambling should always be done in a responsible way. Don't gamble with funds you can't afford to lose! If you feel you have trouble holding back please visit: for tips and help.

Casino / Slot FAQ

Read more about Casumo's Challenge

Read my detailed review of Casumo Casino

How does slots works?
Can a slot be hot/cold?
Is a slot machine ever due to hit?
Are there any skill involved while playing slots?
Does it matter if I adjust coin value or bet level?
Are slots paying in intervals?
Can you win a jackpot while platying min bet?
Are pick bonuses pre-determined?
What does hit frequency means?
What does RNG mean?
What does RTP mean?
What does volatility mean?
What does wager mean?
How does wager work?
What is Monopoly Money?
How do you get Monopoly Money?
How does the bonus system at Casumo work?

How slots work
To get a better understanding of how slot works, I recommend a few good YouTube videos explaining it in a simple way for most people to understand. Here are a few great links to learn how slots actually works:

Slot Machines - How to Win and How They Work

Answers to Common Slot Machine Questions with Syndicated Gambling Writer John Grochowski

Hot or Cold slots
Can a slot machine be Hot/Cold? A slot machine can feel super hot/cold, but it will never be it when it comes to programming. You just have a lot of luck or bad luck. For more information please watch: YouTube - Hot/Cold

Due to hit
Is a slot machine ever due to hit? NO, a slot does not remember anything from the past! Even if a jackpot is record high, it's still the same chance of hitting it as it will be just after it has been hit! For more information please watch: YouTube - Due to hit

There are NO skill at all involved when playing slots. All outcomes are 100% random, and you would only need pure luck to win! For more information please watch: YouTube - Skill

Coin value/Bet level
It does NOT matter if you increase the Coin Value or the Bet Level on a slot. If you increase the Coin Value, the credits shown on screen will be worth more per credit. If you adjust the Bet Level, the amount of credits shown on screen will be higher, but worth less.

Are slots paying in intervals? NO, it might feel like it, but it's just a coincidence. For more information please watch: YouTube - Intervals

Jackpot on min bet
Yes, you can win the jackpot even if you bet the minimum stake. If the minimum stake is €0.20, you will get 1 ticket in the drawings per €0.20 you bet. So if you bet €1.00 per spin the chance of hitting the jackpot is 5 times higher than betting €0.20 per spin.

Pick bonuses/pre-determined
Pick bonuses that actually show you the outcome of other choices than the ones you have picked, are NOT pre-determined. (if it doesn’t show, its usually predetermined) This is a requirement from US regulators, and applies to all of the big US companies such as WMS, BALLY, IGT, KONAMI etc. - So please have this in mind before you claim that a pick bonus is rigged or pre-determined! – If the other options are revealed after you pick, it’s NOT pre-determined!

Hit frequency
Hit frequency describes how often you win on a slot machine. If a slot has a hit frequency of 75% you will win 3 out of 4 spins on average. If a slot have a hit frequency of 20% you will win 1 out of 5 spins on average.

RNG = Random Number Generator, Please watch this video to learn more about Slots and RNG: YouTube - RNG

RTP = Return To Player (Payout Percentage). The higher RTP the better! An RTP of 98% means that on average for each €1.00 that is wagered, the casino keeps €0.02 while €0.98 goes back to the players in form of winnings.

Low volatile slots normally have low max pays that are won pretty frequently, while High volatile slots often have massive max pays but very rarely pay them out.

Wager is a set amount you would have to play through on a bonus or deposit+bonus. If there's a 25x wager on a deposit+bonus, it means that you have to play through the total amount you got when you deposited 25 times before you can cash out the bonus part of that balance.

How wager works
If you play a slot with a house edge of 4% a wager of €10.000 will on average cost you 4% of €10.000 which is: €400. - So if you get a bonus worth €500 and the wager on that bonus is €10.000 (20x) it's a good deal!! On average you will have €100 left after the wager if fulfilled! - The lower bets you play, they easier you come close to that average payout in the long run! Also remember that some slots payout up to 99%, so bonuses and wagers might be a great opportunity for you!

Monopoly Money
Monopoly Money that are won in a game is worth 6 times normal money. First you get the amount 1x to your regular balance, then you get them added to the Super Monopoly Money wheel. You can choose to cash them out instead of spinning the wheel, if you do that they will cash out with a 5x multiplier.

How you get Monopoly Money
How to get Monopoly Money: - You can get Monopoly Money by triggering the bonus + a wild on reel number 5. - You can get it from a normal base pay + a wild on reel number 5. - You can find a "Money Bonus" symbol behind the free parking symbols, it has to be at least 3 bonus symbols on a pay line to trigger it.

Casumo bonus system
Example of how the bonus system works at Casumo: 100% bonus: Deposit €100 + Bonus €100: If you place a bet of €2.00, €1.00 will go from real cash, and €1.00 will go from bonus cash. - If you have won from you starting balance of €200 and have a balance of €1.000, you can choose if you want to finish the wager or you can withdrawal €500.00 (since bonus and real cash count proportionally equal towards the wager)

Favorite games

I like a lot of different casino games. Online I'm normally playing slot machines and Black Jack, while I play a lot of Pai Gow Poker and Video Poker when I play in land based casinos. I always play on my computer if I play online, I have never really gotten into the mobile casino universe.

Video Slots:

Greentube, Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Thunderkick, Play'n GO & Quickspin from €1.00 to €2.00 per spin.

Top 5 Slots ATM:
Beetle Mania deluxe (Greentube)
Book of Ra deluxe (Greentube)
Razortooth (Quickspin)
Fruit Warp (Thunderkick)
Pearls of India (Play'n GO)

I don't like to leave a slot before I have had at least 1 bonus round! So there might be some long sessions on rather boring slots :P

Video Poker:
Jacks or Better, €5.00 per round.
Jacks or Better 5 hands, €12.50 per round.
Jacks or Better 10 hands, €12.50 to €25.00 per round.

Black Jack:
Live casino: €50.00 to €2,000.00 per hand.
Flash version: €50.00 to €500.00 per hand.

Live casino: Numbers 8-10-11-17-20-28 and black.

Point system

Point system launched: 14th August 2015

The reason for having the point system is that I from time to time have raffles in the chat where players can win different things. This can for example be that one or more viewers wins a percentage ownership in my deposited balance, and then we share any potential cash out from that session according to the percentage that was won by the viewer/viewers.

Your rank will not be effected by points spent!


Rank Time online Est earned pts
Stone 5 hours 60 pts
Bronze 10 hours 120 pts
Silver 25 hours 300 pts
Gold 75 hours 900 pts
Platinum 150 hours 1.800 pts
Diamond 350 hours 4.200 pts
Diamond Elite 700 hours 8.400 pts
7 Stars Diamond 1.000 hours 12.000 pts

How to get points
You will get 2 points per every 15 minutes you are logged in during a stream, in addition you get 1 point for every 15 min you have been active in the chat.

It's possible to earn up to 12 points per hour.

New followers get 5 points

Moderators will earn 1 point extra per 15 min.

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Special thanks

I’d like to send a special thanks to DBBmuziek who have made both the DONATION and the FOLLOWER soundtracks I use in my stream!

The whole Donation song at soundcloud: Link

Contact him if you need any kind of tunes: E-mail

DBBmuziek's webpage: Link

Streamer friends

Most of the Twitch community is great, and here are some of my lovely fellow streamers that are genuine and cool <3

So if I'm offline, give those great guys a go ;)










Wednesdays 18:30 to 23:30 CEST
Minimum starting balance: €540
Bet size: €0.90 to €1.20 per spin.
Sundays 18:30 to 23:30 CEST
Minimum starting balance: €900
Bet size: €1.00 to €2.00 per spin.
Random streams now and then
Minimum starting balance: €540
Bet size: €0.90 to €1.20 per spin.

Slot machine reviews


Slot Machines

My preffered casino

18+ required - New customers only
BeGambleAware - T&C apply!

Casumo Casino
I play at Casumo Casino because of the game selection and the quick withdrawals. I also enjoy the rewards you get by playing in the adventure, they are awesome!

I'd also like to mention that they probably have one of the best support staffs in the industry, they are super quick to help you when you need it!

Donations <3

My beloved donors <3
These are the kind viewers that have chosen to donate!

Number of donors: 153
Total donations: $2,511.63

+ Random donors: $108.56

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