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Cloud Quest

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Cloud Quest is an advanced slot machine with a lot of things happening on every spin. It features the popular 5x5 grid reel setup with dropping symbols that's used in other popular Play'n GO slots like Energoonz and Golden Ticket. Cloud Quest is and adventurous slot machine with: level ups, ranks, super powers, monsters and super heroes as a part of the game play. In addition to the special features, there's also a bonus game where you get to play on a different kind of reel set. There the classic 3-reel slot machine is back, and it will help you to defeat monsters and win some cash. The maximal potential win in Cloud Quest is 2.500x the total stake, this win is possible to get if you manage to clear the whole game board at the same time as your having the in game x5 multiplier activated. The game play is rather slow because of the dropping symbol feature, so it's possible to get a lot of play time for your cash.

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Cloud Quest Play'n GO 96.52% 2016-03-10 Connected

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This slot machine is available on these casino platforms:
Computer, Mac, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


Read more about the game features below the screenshot!

Game screenshot

Game features

Cloud Quest has a unique way of making wild symbols. You will never see any wild symbols when the base game symbols show on the screen, but as the symbols start to line up 3 of a kind combinations, wild symbols will start to appear. For each 3 of a kind combination that is made on the reels, a wild symbol will appear in the middle position of that 3 of a kind combination. And since it's dropping symbols, several combinations can be made. Wild symbols are only removed if they contain in a 4 or 5 of a kind combination, for other 3 of a kind combinations they can change position, but they won't disappear.

There are also additional wild symbols/features that can be won in the super power wheel on the right hand side. Other features on Cloud Quest is the level/rank system that don't effect the game play, but might be used to brag to your friends. There's also a combined bonus game/free spin feature on Cloud Quest, and that's without doubt the main feature of this game. Clearing the whole game board of symbols will trigger a 500x the stake win, and if you do this with the x5 win feature that can be won on the super power wheel, you get the maximal potential win on this slot machine which is 2.500x the total stake.

Super power: On the right hand side there's a super power wheel with 10 spots that can be lit up during the base game. The way it lit up is by getting 3 of a kind or better combinations of the power stone symbol. 3 symbols give you 1 section lit up, 4 symbols give you 2 sections, while 5 symbols give you 3 sections. It's possible to get multiple combinations of the symbol, so it's possible to fill up all the 10 sections. After the base game spin is over, you'll get a spin on the super power wheel. There you can win 1 of 4 different features, and one of them are triggered if you manage to hit one of the lit up sections.

All the 4 different features will reward you with 1 re-spin where a special power is applied to that re-spin, here are the different features you can win: Five of Fortune: Gives you one re-spin where all winnings are multiplied with x5. Emblem of Endurance: Rewards you with one re-spin where the spin starts with 2 sticky wild symbols visible on the reels, these wild symbols will not disappear unless they appear in a all wild winning combination. Scatter Success: Gives you one re-spin where all symbols pay as scatters, that means that you win as long as there 3 or more of a symbol on the reels. This might be the feature where you have the best chance to clear the board and get that 500x bet win. Mark of Multitude: Rewards you with one re-spin where ALL winning combinations create a wild symbol, so in addition to the normal 3 of a kind combinations, now also 4 and 5 of a kind combinations create wild symbols.

Level/rank: There are levels/ranks in Cloud Quest, and you can see your current one at the left hand side under your super hero. You make progress in this section by defeating monsters in the bonus game, and there are 4 different ranks you can achieve. The levels are for bragging rights only, it has no effect on the game play or payouts.

Bonus game / free spins: The combined bonus game and free spin feature is triggered by clearing the B O N U S row that's shown behind the base game symbols on the game board. This row is always visible on one of the 3 middle rows, the higher up it is, the easier it is to clear it and activate the bonus game. The bonus game takes place on an old traditional 3-reel slot machine, and the number of spins you can win is determined in the beginning of the bonus. You can win from 5 to 20 free spins, and the different values are: 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 or 20 free spins. There are 5 stages that you should try to defeat, stage one features a monster with 2 lives, stage 2 a monster with 3 lives, stage 3 a monster with 4 lives, stage 4 a monster with 5 lives and the 5th and final stage has a monster with 6 lives. There are 2 ways to hurt or defeat a monster, for each win you get on the 3-reel slot machine one life is lost for the monster.

The other way is by getting 3 marks on the payline. This will kill the monster completely, all lives are lost when this combination is awarded. For each stage you level up you'll get 3 additional free spins, and the prizes for the winning combinations increase. You move on to the next level when a monster is defeated. A neat little feature is the nudge feature, this might be activated on the 3-reel slot if you are near to a win. If it activates you'll see that the reel starts to nudge to reward you with the winning combination you just missed. The bonus round if over when you are out of spins, or if you defeat the 5th monster. Defeating the 5th monster results in a 100x total bet bonus.

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Cloud Quest is created by Play'n GO.
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18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!

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