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South Park

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South Park is a slot machine project put together by Net Entertainment in cooperation with Comedy Central. This game is based on the popular tv-show with the same name, and it features most of the iconic characters from the show. South Park should cater for those who like slot machines with a lot of features, cause that's exactly what this game offers. No less than 3 different features can be triggered on any spin during the base game, while there are 2 different bonus games and 2 different free spin features that can be triggered by bonus symbols. South Park features a maximal win of a massive 5.000x the stake per spin, and it can be won inside the Cartman bonus. One of the coolest features on this game is the Cartman wild feature, a feature that can be triggered on any spin. It will put a massive wild symbol into play, and you can get up to 9 positions with wilds. The payout percentage for this game is 96.70%.

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South Park Net Entertainment 96.70% 2013-09-24 25




This slot machine is available on these casino platforms:
Computer, Mac, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.

18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


Read more about the game features below the screenshot!

Game screenshot

Game features


South Park has wild symbols on all the 5 reels during the base game, and these symbols substitute for all other symbols except the bonus symbols. There is a lot of additional ways to get more wild symbols, and they are all described below. There are 3 mini features on South Park, and all of them can be won during the base game. All of them are wild features, and you are guaranteed to get added wild symbols when they appear. There are also 2 different bonus games, where one of them has a maximal win of 5.000x the stake! As if that wasn’t enough, there's also 2 different free spin features available, where one of them has sticky wild symbols.

Terrance and Phillip mini feature: Terrance and Phillip can appear on any spin during the base game. They will fart their way from the bottom of the reels to the top, and they will leave behind a total of 3 wild symbols on reel 2, 3 and/or 4.

Mr. Hankey mini feature: The Mr. Hankey feature can be triggered on any spin and if it does, Hankey the Christmas Poo will appear on the screen. He will jump around on reel 1, 3 and 5 and leave behind 3, 4 or 5 wild symbols on the reels. He will then jump out of the screen, and the reels will stop as normal with the attached wild symbols in play.

Cartman mini feature: The Cartman feature is the best one of the mini features. This feature can also be activated on any spin during the base game, and if it does, a massive Cartman beefcake wild symbol will be added to reel 2, 3 and 4. This symbol will be so massive that it will cover all of the 3 reels at the same time. The reels will spin around for a while, and the wild symbol will show while the reels are spinning. The symbol is guaranteed to land in view, which means that you are guaranteed to cover 3, 6 or 9 positions on the 3 mid reels with wild symbols. The reels will then stop as normal, and wins will be paid out.

Bonus game / free spins: All the different bonus game and free spin features are triggered with a combination of bonus symbols on reel 3 and 4, combined with a bonus symbol with a special logo on the 5th reel. This logo refers to what kind of bonus you will win. There are 4 different logos: Kenny = Kenny bonus game, Fire extinguisher = Cartman bonus game, Kyle = Kyle free spins, while Puke on girl = Stan free spins.

18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!

Kenny bonus game: The Kenny bonus is triggered by 2 bonus symbols in combination with the Kenny symbol on the 5th reel. This is a pick bonus where you get to select the path Kenny is going to walk on a road. At the bottom of the screen there is a path and an indication of how far away from the goal you are. You start the bonus with 3 lives. There are always 3 picks to pick from, and each of them hides different cash prizes. There are also 3 different categories of picks, and it's shown on the top of the road what kind of pick you are doing next.

There are cash prizes, multipliers and deathly picks. The cash prizes will have 3 different cash prizes, the multiplier will have 3 different multipliers that each will last for the next 2, 3 or 4 picks, while the deathly picks will have 2 cash prizes and one field where you lose a life. The goal is to get as far as possible on the road, and the multipliers will increase in size the longer you walk on the road. There is also a goal at the end of the road and if you reach it, an additional cash prize of 100x the stake is awarded.

Cartman bonus game: The Cartman bonus is the bonus with the highest potential of all the bonuses and features that can be won on this slot machine. It's triggered by getting 2 bonus symbols and the Fire extinguisher on the 5th reel. This will launch a pick bonus game where you stand in front of 8 different bushes. Each of the bushes will hide different cash prizes, multipliers, re-draws or a police man. The cash prizes will award you with a cash prize. The multiplier will multiply all wins collected so far during the bonus. The re-draw will re-set the bonus and picks, but keep the winnings. The police man is the bad symbol, the first time the police man is picked, he will give you a warning, while the next time he is picked, he will end the bonus.

Kyle free spins: Kyle will award you with free spins when 2 bonus symbols are combined with the Kyle bonus symbol on the 5th reel. This will activate 10 free spins with the possibility to get a special feature during the spins. This feature is the Kick the baby feature. It's activated by getting the baby wild symbol on the 5th reel, and it will award you with one kick the baby feature. This feature takes place on the drawn board below the slot reels. It can reward you with a cash prize of 20x the stake, a x10 win multiplier, a cash prize of 2x the stake, a win multiplier of x2 or +3 additional free spins. The multipliers will multiply the current win, but the fields will get a red x drawn over them if there's no win on the current spin, if you land on those symbols no additional wins are awarded.

Stan free spins: These free spins are triggered when 2 bonus symbols appear in combination with the Puke on girl symbol. The free spins will start with a sticky wild placed on the mid position on reel 3. The wild symbol will have a 2 placed in the top right corner, and this number indicates of many spins the symbol will stick for. The number will then be lowered to 1, and then be removed for the last spin the symbol sticks. During the spins, it's possible to get additional wild symbols. They will all stick to the reels, and start with a 2 shown in the upper right corner as well. The feature will carry on until there are no more wild symbols visible on the reels.

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South Park is created by Net Entertainment.
Read more about Net Entertainment!

18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!


18+ required - New customers only - BeGambleAware - T&C apply!

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